Saturday, December 20, 2008

60 Pounds

We're getting close to 60 pounds of kid, right here:

Teddy starts smiling for the camera:

Me and my boys:

Half-decorated tree:

It's so much easier to get a feel for a baby's personality, once he starts smiling. This one's going to be my giggly boy:

And simultaneous smiles!

Friday, December 12, 2008

December Photos

Obviously, there are bloggers who put together actual entries, with words and maybe a theme, or pithy observations of some sort. This isn't that sort of blog. Commence the photos.

Almost simultaneous smiles!

Lizzie isn't really always hitting her brother. It just looks that way - accident of timing.

Sweaters courtesy of A, with construction details at the link (incidentally, I forgot to say thank you when we saw you a couple weeks ago: Thank you! We've been slipping them on quite frequently, as the living room is drafty.)

Trying out the bouncy seats:

I'm starting to position them more vertically:

Sadly, all these calm happy-looking photos aren't total representative. Sometimes this is closer:

And another attempt at a picture of all 3 kids together:

Down goes Teddy - I think his expression here is more smile than scream, but I'm not sure.

Aunt S, with the hat she knit for Lizzie:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Posting Photos Before They're Too Out-of-Date

We battled our first set of preschool germs over Thanksgiving week. We're mostly not sick anymore, so I guess we won, though it felt like it lasted years and seems like a hollow victory at best.

If I don't post soon, I'll have another 50 pictures just sitting here waiting. So, almost completely context-free:

"I'm going to work, like Daddy. This is my tie!"

"Teddy, this is a very important thing called a car!"

Smiley girl:

Friend A, visiting briefly over Thanksgiving weekend, managed both to make Lizzie smile and to catch our germs. Sorry about that!

Thanksgiving dinner was Turducken, minus the "Tur" and the "-en". Pretty tasty, though we definitely weren't in the best of health to enjoy it.

Note only 2 placesettings: Spencer was still sick at the time. I think we maybe finally managed to convince him to eat some crackers or maybe some yogurt for Thanksgiving. Woo hoo.

We have begun the quest of parents everywhere: can we capture a photo of all children looking kind of the same direction at the same time, with expressions on their faces that aren't too weird? Not surprisingly, the answer is no. Good thing modern Christmas cards allow you to put up multiple photos.

Wrapped up in their straitjackets for the night - they're not so fond of being swaddled sometimes, but no one gets any sleep otherwise.

Lizzie's about 2 or 3 weeks ahead in social skills - she's been sitting here smiling and chatting as I've been typing, even though it's late and she's supposed to be asleep.

Teddy has just started really smiling recently, so hopefully I'll catch it on film soon. So far all serious: