Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well, the weather turns unpleasant this evening, I'm told, so it's time to relive the lovely fall we've had.  Fall would be absolutely perfect, I think, if it weren't for the whole ominous, depressing, "Winter is Coming" thing on the horizon.  Thanks, House Stark.


Is there something ironic about my having complained that I didn't have any shots of the twins together for their birthday post, and now I seem to have lots?  Or has Alanis Morissette permanently screwed up my definition of irony?

The toy car section in Toys R Us - sometimes I wonder if anyone actually buys these, or if other people just use that aisle as a rainy day entertainment option like we do.

Stormtroopers have to do homework too...

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

2 x 4

What we've got here, are a couple of 4-year-olds!

(A side note: I do not have a single picture I like from the last couple of weeks with the two posing together!  How could something like this have occurred?  Clearly there is a process problem here.)

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit (bringing a moving van of kids' furniture made by my grandfather long long ago).  And there was biking and parks and soccer and reading and Wii galore.

Grandma managed the trick of juggling two kids and a book (not a trivial trick, actually - I always find either someone is blocking the book, or else someone's hair is up my nose, or both.  Snuggling is a competitive sport in our house.)


These days, I judge playgrounds based on the quality of their monkey bars, frankly.  We took Grandma & Grandpa to one of our current favorites:



Another park, brand new:


And lots of biking!

Plus some skating, for variety:

These 3 kids add up to 15 years, and 140 pounds!  Woah!