Monday, September 17, 2007

Visiting the (un)Frozen North

Good grief, I'm behind! Accordingly, just photos from our trip up to Ontario the week before Labor Day.

A few snippets of memories:

- The first day on the road, we were driving through "Western Ontario" (it's in quotes because it's not really the western part of the province... really it's more south-central. But I'm assured it's called Western Ontario because it's the westernmost bit with any people in it.) We were pointing out all the animals with enthusiasm: "Look! A cow! What does a cow say?" etc.. We saw cows and horses and sheep, then SA asked for an elephant. Um... I guess the various books that teach animals haven't covered which animals you're likely to see in North America.
- In Toronto, we saw Riverdale farm in the city one morning - all the usual suspects, but up close, with lots of little paths ideal to use up toddler energy. After we wandered in the farm area for an hour or so, we walked out into the main part of the park to chat and play, and as we left, RB and I waved "Bye-bye, farm!" SA looked puzzled, maybe a little worried, and grasped his forearm as he said "Bye-bye, arm."
- As we were heading back to our hotel room the night before our long drive home, we drove by the Royal Ontario Museum, specifically the ROM Crystal, a large glass wing of a museum that juts out kind of impressively. As we drove by, the tired little boy in the back seat said agitated-ly "Building fall down! Building fall down!" And, yup, that's kind of what it looks like. Nothing to do but applaud his insight (and try to explain that it's really not falling down, and isn't it cool looking?)