Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just a quick post - I can't just let my babies' first birthday pass totally without a picture or two! (Technically I guess I did, since the birthday finished 23 hours ago. But I'm very close to being on time!)

An announcement, too, for those who haven't heard: we're moving! In 3 days, movers will show up bright and early, load up all our earthly possessions, and move us out to the nearby 'burbs. Keeping 3 kids in one room is a bit challenging, so we're looking forward to spreading out, and sending the kids out to play in the yard. I'll send out an email with revised contact info at some point.

Anyway... the accumulated photos - friend A has been around for much of the summer, which has been lovely:


First day of school... I probably wouldn't have gone all-navy for clothing, but he picked clothes himself.

And - a White Sox game with Daddy! (Note a bit of an ice cream mustache.)

And babies, now one-year-olds!

The level of activity has become somewhat alarming - we finally invested in, well, basically a plastic cage. Because Teddy has an alarming tendency to play with cleaning supplies he finds in cupboards, and Lizzie loves stairs. As long as they don't notice they're locked in, they don't mind the playpen so much.

I think one of Teddy's new teeth is visible in this picture. He now has 6, tied with Lizzie - but both of them are probably going to be getting two more in the next month or so. Sigh.

Finally: sugar! Lizzie, as per usual with food, focused on neatly transferring it from tray to mouth. Teddy focused on spreading a thin layer of chocolate over the entire living room (and, as a bonus, he got quite a bit in the tub when I gave him a bath later.)

Happy birthday sweeties!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Before vacation, a rite of passage for every young boy: haircut! Teds wasn't thrilled with someone wielding scissors near him:

And afterwards: what a handsome little guy! My babies are pretty much gone: little toddlers, almost.

We rented a house on Birch Lake, in the southwest corner of Michigan ("Michiana" is the term used, for the counties around South Bend, Indiana.) It was a lovely lake, and we rented a lovely home, with two docks just right for fishing, and a shallow area just right for swimming. It came well-equipped with grandparents, as well - all four were around for at least part of the week, to Spencer's great joy.

Unfortunately, the weather was only warm and dry enough to swim for part of the week - but it was just right for fishing! (A real fisherman doesn't mind the rain.)

Spencer learned the important basics: How to exaggerate the size of the fish you caught, and the ferocity of the one that got away. How to avoid messy associated activities like putting the worm on the hook ("I'm not allowed to touch worms!") and cleaning the fish ("Oh no, we won't eat it, we always let the fish go back home!")

In fact, he was so successful he won a trophy! Which now sits proudly on the headboard of his bed, even though most home staging professionals would advise that we put it away until the house sells.

There was a canoe at the cabin, and some friends showed up with kayaks, so everyone got out on the water a bit.

Even me! (Spence took the picture - though I may have leveled the horizon a bit in Photoshop.)

Grandma made a trip or two out on the lake:

And the pictures are small, but I think Daddy and Grandpa are in two of these:

The swimming was lovely, while the weather lasted:

The twins... well, due to their new-found ability to get anywhere, and their continuing desire to eat everything, I was pretty nervous whenever we took them outside. They were pretty-much stroller-bound after I found Lizzie taste-testing rocks. Plus - rain! So mostly they hung out indoors.

Aunt S keeps testing my assertion that it's tough to carry them both at once:

They each climbed stairs. Or rather, they climbed one stair, and then fell back down and screamed. Repeatedly. It was fun.

Patty-cake! Over and over! With occasional versions of "We Will Rock You" for variety.

Teddy gets the haircut - but Lizzie gets the pretty ribbons. Which end up on the floor as soon as she notices them. But you know, we make an effort.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoy the patio:

The grandmothers admire Spencer's muscles:

And finally, and early 1st birthday! Three weeks early, but with family gathered it seemed like a good idea. And it looks like we're packing up and moving a few days after the actual birthday, which makes it a bad time for a celebration any bigger than a cupcake or two.

It's hard to see in this picture - but Lizzie was a bit confused about the whole procedure. My girl who eats cat food was hesitant to put frosting in her mouth. Teddy, on the other hand, got fully into the spirit of the thing, and was covered in frosting still the next day.