Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Still Fall

Rushing through fall to catch up to recent events...

Soccer - Spencer has developed into a pretty impressive goalkeeper:

And the seasons keep changing in their infinite progression, you know, soccer to hockey to t-ball to swimming back to soccer again. With biking year-round because apparently now we live in a snow-free zone, (not that I'm complaining, universe - I'm ok if it fails to snow this year, truly!)
(Yes, Lizzie is taking a hockey skating class.  It simplified scheduling, and she's very good at it, and she loves it, though I suspect she might want something with sparklier outfits at some point.  Teddy does not at present care for hockey or anything else involving skates.)
We had quite pleasant weather we had this fall, and the silver lining of our relatively treeless house is that this was the sum total of the raking:



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