Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching Up - August

The kids have been using my old camera since Christmas or so. A few weeks ago, the lens retractor got broken, so I set it aside and pulled the photos off it. About 800 pictures - lots of blurry photos of toy cars, of course. But a few I quite liked - I think Lizzie gets the probable credit on these:

Big brother is missing a few teeth:

Harriet, coming up on 10 years old:

Wimsey, a venerable 16:

And Teddy. During "nap" time. Sigh.

Finally, August photos:


First day of first grade! So grown up!

At Spencer's first soccer game, I didn't have an easy time watching the soccer, because these two were at the other end of the field:

But even if I couldn't watch much, The Stinger Bees won:


In early July, we loaded up the mini-van and headed to Kingston, Ontario. The kids travelled reasonably well, all things considered.

At a rest stop (a mall, actually) on on the way:

In the backyard, hockey and lacrosse seemed to be the favorites:

Relaxing up at the cottage:

At the Springbrook house - we pulled fresh potatoes and peas and had them for dinner!

Ice Cream!

At the Frankfort splash pad:

And at various parks, in Belleville and Kingston:

At Nanna & Poppa's anniversary party (with cousin Alex!)