Wednesday, January 09, 2013


We all had unpleasant colds (or a mild flu?) in early December, and the twins got sick again on Christmas day, so the holiday insanity was just as insane as usual, but different, more phlegm-filled. 

Poor Spencer was out of school for a week - we tried to send him back on Thursday, and his fever went back up, so he was out again the next day.

There were a few bits of December where we weren't sick or crazy busy, though.

I believe Lizzie had a 15-minute fit because I wasn't available to admire her climbing tricks, poor thing.  Can I just say, Teddy throws fits all the time, and Lizzie does so much less, but when Lizzie decides she's mad, she stays mad and loud for a LONG TIME!

The twins show off the cookies they decorated for their class party and program:

And Christmas Day itself:


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