Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Thanks Given

Grandma & Grandpa came for Thanksgiving!

And lo, there was a turkey.  And a very excited helper (though I couldn't get her to brush the melted butter on the bird, so maybe "helper" is an overly-optimistic term.  Also, she corrected me when I tried to show her where the silverware goes on the table.  Sigh.)

And pizza:
And pancakes:
And decorating!


Plus, Grandpa took the kids out riding / walking / playing until all of themwere exhausted!
Finally, a trip down to the old State Street Marshall Fields (does it have another name now?  I forget) to see the decorations.  The windows were a bust, the kids showed no interest in them whatsoever, but the inside decorations were ok.
And a surprising ad on a bus!


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