Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flying by

Summer is flying by. It's disturbing, actually... we finally had our first hot weekend, and suddenly I'm seeing trees with bits of red and yellow.

A tisket, a tasket....

Yes, this is just a bit posed. Not totally Anne Geddes, though - they were playing with the basket, so I figured I'd pop them in and see what happened. (The cheeriness in the pictures was short-lived.)

No, it isn't possible for 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time.

The twiddlebugs are totally, terrifyingly mobile by now. Lizzie opens and closes things repeatedly, until her fingers get pinched. I ended up blocking the fireplace with a toy box, because I really don't need ash everywhere.

"Hey! No fair! How come she gets clothing that's convenient for eating and I don't?"

The glamor shots are only somewhat ruined if the front of your shirt is covered in drool and food.

I seriously hope that the amount of drool and flushed faces I'm seeing recently means more teeth soon. We're currently at 10 down, 30 to go - Lizzie leads by 2 teeth.

If someone gets a phone, everyone gets a phone. Yes, they do acidentally dial people from time to time, though usually it's just the recorded message beeping and telling us that the number they dialed is not valid.

For the last few years, we've spent a weekend with friends just up across the border in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. This year I didn't take any pictures at all - turns out that chasing after the young 'uns in an un-baby-proofed environment makes messing with a camera kind of hard.

However - our hosts got lots of great ones, so I'll borrow a few:

We undressed the twins, and got the swim diapers on, and slathered on the sunscreen, and inflated the little baby floater thingies, and we were ready to go in the water! Then, they screamed every time the water touched them for a good 10 minutes, before we gave up and went back to the shade.

However, someone wasn't scared of the water - Spencer isn't quite a proper swimmer yet, but I think if we can get some good water time, he will be soon.

The stairs down the hill to the dock - note that we did not carry the babies down the hundred stairs.

Finally, a boat ride! Unfortunately, the babies haven't been sold on the necessity of a life jacket yet.

And.... back home.
I tried to get her to wear the glasses, no dice.

Kitty! Poor Wimsey... between being old and tired, and being sadly in need of attention, he puts up with quite a bit. And he doesn't use the claws until he's taken a fair amount of (loving) abuse. Lizzie has a much easier time catching him than Spencer did 3 years ago.

Rub-a-dub-dub.... note that Spencer has decreed that Teddy is the butcher, Lizzie is the baker, and he is the candlestick maker. (Though I don't think he'd argue if Liz and Teddy switched.)

Apparently the twins don't dislike water per se, they simply prefer that it be heated and indoors, and it's helpful if big brother is around to show how much fun it is.