Friday, December 12, 2008

December Photos

Obviously, there are bloggers who put together actual entries, with words and maybe a theme, or pithy observations of some sort. This isn't that sort of blog. Commence the photos.

Almost simultaneous smiles!

Lizzie isn't really always hitting her brother. It just looks that way - accident of timing.

Sweaters courtesy of A, with construction details at the link (incidentally, I forgot to say thank you when we saw you a couple weeks ago: Thank you! We've been slipping them on quite frequently, as the living room is drafty.)

Trying out the bouncy seats:

I'm starting to position them more vertically:

Sadly, all these calm happy-looking photos aren't total representative. Sometimes this is closer:

And another attempt at a picture of all 3 kids together:

Down goes Teddy - I think his expression here is more smile than scream, but I'm not sure.

Aunt S, with the hat she knit for Lizzie:


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