Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Longest Shortest Month

Subjectively, February lasts forever, right?  Ah well.  At least the sun is still kind of up when I get home from work now, so I don't feel like I live in a cave.

For the kids' haircuts, we often go to a Kidsnips (one of those kid salons where many of the chairs are cars) in a mall with a California Pizza Kitchen.  CPK is a favorite, so we often make it a combined haircut/pizza outing.

Looking at these pictures, I'm kind of wishing I'd scheduled the haircuts before the photo op.  Ragamuffins!

Alas, Chicago's winter thing did finally kick in - it's pretty sloppy out.  At least I have helpers with the shoveling.  (Of course if you look carefully, they're mostly taking snow off the lawn and putting it elsewhere on the lawn, which isn't so very helpful.)

And more backyard skating - we probably won't be able to skate again this winter, so I'm glad we got it in before it all turned slushy.