Saturday, March 10, 2007

Winter Wrapup

In February, the Bears were in the Superbowl - the game started with the Bears returning the kickoff for a touchdown, and RB and I yelled with excitement the entire run. Up until his bedtime, SA yelled wildly any time a player ran with the ball - we tried to explain that context was important ("No, sweetie, see the player is wearing white? We only yell if the player with the ball is wearing the dark jersey!") At least we communicated that football is exciting, right?

There have lots of additions to the vocabulary - some recent highlights:

- Snow - White, fluffy, exciting, Mom won't let him play in it nearly enough

- Twee - Tree. Or leaf. (I'm pleased but mystified that he figured out that trees and leaves are related - how do you do that in the middle of winter?)

- DaaDoh - This means firetruck, for some reason. Or sometimes tractor, but firetrucks are relevant more often in the city.

- Plee - Please. Said with increasing urgency as we fail to provide whatever he's pointing at.

- Kankoo - Thank you

- Baa - Bat - use this to hit the bah. Or the daadoh. Or possibly the kiki (but that's seriously discouraged.)

He can Moo and Bah and Grrr and Woof with the best of 'em, and has started saying a few 2-word phrases (the favories are "Dada Shoe!" and "Byebye Dada!")

More hats!

Playing at Gymboree:

Bat and ball!