Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I suddenly realized that I haven't posted photos since September! So, in one fell swoop - Autumn, 2007:

Suddenly glasses are very fun to try on. Especially other people's.

Not quite as exciting as riding a horse:

A visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens (sadly, none of my pictures with the trains turned out):

I wonder if these two are related?

Where'd my chubby little baby go, the one whose legs folded up under him, who wanted to be held all the time? Nowhere to be seen in the lanky little guy who climbs everything at the park (and who insists on bright green socks.)

As the weather gets colder, time to pull out the winter gear:

He shoots, he scores!

Finally, a visit from Nanna and Papa over Thanksgiving weekend:

Breakfast at Walker Brothers:

And then a model train convention.

Lots of playing chase around the living room, and a fancy new firehat:

And a brand new guitar!

Happy holidays, and stay warm!