Wednesday, January 09, 2013

'Ear, 'ear

Somehow, with the whole wide world of ear-related humor available to me, I can't think of a better joke to title this.

On the day before we were schedule for a flight to the other side of the globe (um, lobe?), there was some horseplay in the living room, and then Spencer comes in crying with this:

It's hard to see, maybe, but the tear goes all the way through the lobe, and then cuts up the back of his ear and onto his head. 
It turns out that Children's Memorial Hospital has moved!  It also turns out that when you google the address, it gives the old address.  Um, thanks, internet.  Anyway, after a detour we figured out the right address and saw 4 (4!) different doctors, we finally got him stitched up.  They put him under, kind of (a twilight state rather than general anesthesia, I guess?  But he seemed pretty out to me.  And had double vision and vomited several times when he woke up.) In the end there were 9 stitches and 7 hours in the ER. On the way home we hit a traffic jam (at 10:30 pm!), which led to me going on surface roads through areas of Chicago where I really did not want to stop, which was Spencer's cue to announce "Mom, I need to throw up again."  Sigh.  When I explained that he would have to do it in the car because we couldn't stop right there, the resourceful kid found an old Starbucks bag and used it, and we survived.
And pictures of the stitched up version several days later:
On this particular vacation (spoiler alert - future post!) staying out of the water wasn't really an option.  But he was on antibiotics, and he was incredibly responsible about washing his ear off and putting on Neosporin each time he got wet, and it all appears to be healing up just fine.  Which is a shame, because I was hoping to reread HP & the Deathly Hallows specifically with the hope of stealing all Fred & George's ear jokes.


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