Monday, February 18, 2013

New Champion!

Spencer was our previous winner in the Number-of-Stitches competition, but we have a new entrant:

Lizzie is very fond of cannonballing into the swimming pool, or, you know, anywhere else.  Alas, as the ER doc pointed out, the sofa isn't the best place to do a cannonball.

On the other hand, this time we knew exactly where the hospital is located, after Spencer's ear incident last month.  And my sweet girl makes a model patient, pleased to show how calm and brave she can be, and not particularly disturbed when they wrapped her up like a mummy.

Actually, all swaddled like this, with sterile paper covering her face, she fell asleep and snored gently as they sewed bits of flesh back together.  And: big brother only got 9 stitches.  Lizzie got 3 internal, and 7 external, making 10, which means she's the new champion!

And thus, she gets a popsicle.  (Probably even 2nd place would merit a popsicle, frankly.)

It's been a week, and things seem to be healing nicely.

Spencer tried to come back in the competition this weekend by badly stubbing and possibly breaking his pinky toe (not pictured.  You're welcome.)  It remains to be seen if he has to sit out a very short basketball season.  Nice try, sweetie, but even a broken toe requires 0 stitches, so Lizzie's still winning.

Darth Teddy remains my uninjured child.  Maybe being on the Dark Side gives you power to somehow keep flesh intact?



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