Friday, October 30, 2009


If I wait for coherence to strike, it may take years before I post again. So pictures, instead.

Happy Halloween, from Spiderman, a puppy, and a fire fighter!

So, we've had an eventful month.

We've learned to climb things, like boxes:

And stairs:

And - we acquired a back yard! With a tether ball! Note that every time Lizzie gets a good whack at the ball, it ends up hitting her in the head.

So, we're now suburbanites. And the blog name is an anachronism.

As Teddy is reading, Urban Babies Wear Black - and apparently suburban babies wear lilac.

The new house is lovely - 1890's, lots of good woodwork, and separate bedrooms for the kids (well, the twins are still sharing, but eventually we'll probably separate them.) I'm pretty sure we'll even finish unpacking someday.

And - a four-year-old I know lost a tooth! (Note that the red around his mouth is spaghetti sauce, not blood.) It came out during a wrestling session with another boy, and they never found the tooth itself - since it didn't hurt much, and didn't bleed much, we're assuming it was a natural occurance, and his adult tooth will show up sooner or later. Though obviously we'll take him to the dentist one of these days to be sure.

We decorated the new house.

Also - Lizzie had a minor surgery to remove a dermoid cyst over her right eye - the picture below shows the worst of the swelling. I have to say, she was a champ throughout - we thought she would be shy around the strangers, but she smiled and chatted with them like there was no problem. She was pretty grumpy when she woke up after the surgery, but we left an hour later, and she slept through the car ride home - and after we got home, I think she just never acted like it bothered her at all.

Happy birthday RB! Banana cheesecake was enjoyed by all.

Improbably, Wimsey still seems to enjoy the attention he receives. Most of the time.

And that's all for now.