Monday, October 30, 2006

Our Ancestral Home

One should explore one's roots. So a few weeks ago I took SA to explore the exotic homeland of his great grandparents - Shoshone, Idaho, population 1,398.

We were there for his great grandfather's 80th birthday party, but we did take in some sights - the Snake River gorge, farmland, and desert. We watched potatoes grow - sadly, much as he enjoys potatoes when they're boiled or baked or fried, SA was underwhelmed by their natural form. We mooed at the cows and baaed at the sheep, and kind of shrugged at the alpacas (um, I think. Or llamas, maybe?) And SA spent lots of time with some of his extended family.

Grandma helps him check out the decor:

Grandpa, Grandma, and Great-Grandpa, checking out the fruit trees:

We missed the bulk of Great Grandpa's fresh fruit, but we made it for the last of the grapes. For now, grapes have replaced citrus as SA's fruit overdose of choice.

Finally, Grandpa figured out the obvious: if SA likes toy steering wheels so much, maybe he'll like the real thing.

Ever since that fateful day, I've been battling to keep SA out of the driver's seat.

When we could pry him out of the rental car, SA mostly wanted to follow around his 3-year-old cousin, DP. They wandered around the Shoshone park during much of the party (the Shoshone Senior Center wasn't built for the convenience of toddlers.)

Look at the handsome guys!

Finally, a new love. SA spent several hours one night, and then most of the next day, running around with the birthday balloons. I'm not sure what he would do if he had to choose between a steering wheel and a balloon.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

4 Generations

RB's mother and grandmother came for a visit a couple weeks ago - we had a lovely time, and SA got to know that side of the family a bit better. Highlights:

SA enjoys his morning coffee (what, other toddlers don't drink coffee?)

A little football - we suddenly find ourselves ardent Bears fans:

An attempt to take a picture of the 4 generations together:

Some peek-a-boo from under the barbecue - he loves the folding shelf:

Another attempt to get the 4 generations shot:

A little music:

And a (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat - turkey, stuffing, squash risotto, asparagus:

And finally!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery

If I had my way, there would be steering wheels everywhere!


I want you...

to capture the cat and put him in here, because that would be awesome!


Behold the hills of tomorrow, behold the limitless sky!


Did I mention the steering wheel thing? Steering wheels! Everywhere!