Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just a quick post - I can't just let my babies' first birthday pass totally without a picture or two! (Technically I guess I did, since the birthday finished 23 hours ago. But I'm very close to being on time!)

An announcement, too, for those who haven't heard: we're moving! In 3 days, movers will show up bright and early, load up all our earthly possessions, and move us out to the nearby 'burbs. Keeping 3 kids in one room is a bit challenging, so we're looking forward to spreading out, and sending the kids out to play in the yard. I'll send out an email with revised contact info at some point.

Anyway... the accumulated photos - friend A has been around for much of the summer, which has been lovely:


First day of school... I probably wouldn't have gone all-navy for clothing, but he picked clothes himself.

And - a White Sox game with Daddy! (Note a bit of an ice cream mustache.)

And babies, now one-year-olds!

The level of activity has become somewhat alarming - we finally invested in, well, basically a plastic cage. Because Teddy has an alarming tendency to play with cleaning supplies he finds in cupboards, and Lizzie loves stairs. As long as they don't notice they're locked in, they don't mind the playpen so much.

I think one of Teddy's new teeth is visible in this picture. He now has 6, tied with Lizzie - but both of them are probably going to be getting two more in the next month or so. Sigh.

Finally: sugar! Lizzie, as per usual with food, focused on neatly transferring it from tray to mouth. Teddy focused on spreading a thin layer of chocolate over the entire living room (and, as a bonus, he got quite a bit in the tub when I gave him a bath later.)

Happy birthday sweeties!


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