Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Dark Side Likes Candy

Sometimes I blink, and several months have gone by and each kid is at least an inch taller.  It's disconcerting.

Many moons ago, the kids dressed up in costumes and went out and asked perfect strangers for candy.  It's an odd custom.

A stormtrooper marches in the school parade, and then Darth Vader shows up with a princess (though oddly, not Princess Leia):


I do not know why the dark side of the force seems to dominate our house recently.  Later the stormtrooper threatens the Princess (presumable under Vader's instruction), and then they all go out to acquire candy.  Like I say, it's an odd tradition.

(Not pictured: they met up with a young Luke Skywalker and another (non-Leia) princess, and after a fearsome battle where everyone was killed several times over, they all acquired candy together.  Inter-galactic politics are complicated.)


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