Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Well Begun

We went to the Brookfield Zoo to see the Kratt brothers last weekend - approximately a million small children gathered on the grass to make animal noises together.  The show's theme song is still running through my head.

Of course, we ´╗┐spent some time seeing the zoo afterwards - the kids have been many many times (especially the twins) but it was only my second time at the zoo - and the first time I got to see any of the animals!  Not that they stood still for pictures.

They love the carousel.  It puzzles me a bit, because, as rides go, isn't it kind of, you know, boring?  But obviously not too slow for them.

Back at home, we suited up and played with the neighbors in a splash pool.  And Lizzie practiced her swing... she seems to bat and golf lefty so far, even though she's a righty for most things.  (Teddy's the reverse, actually, in both cases.  But much less driven to hit balls with bats, just at present.)  I hear she won't be eligible for organized t-ball for another two years, which seems a shame.

Spencer came away from the pool and announced "I'm going to bask in the sun!"  Then, a bit later, he told us all "I'm sun-basking!"

Then yesterday we braved the crowds and checked out the public pool. Which wasn't crowded at all. Huh. It was a bit cooler, but the water still felt pretty good. And the pool has a very gradual area where it's great for the little ones; I don't feel like one of the kids about to drown quite as constantly as I usually do.

Finally, hot dogs and ice cream!


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