Sunday, May 27, 2012


My sweet little 7-pounder is now a 7-year-old.  No idea how that happened.  Spencer, ages 0 and 7:

Handsome kid, isn't he?

He's a slugger - hit a couple of solid hits for the Mets on his birthday, and got the game ball.

We had a party at a local sports camp facility - around 20 boys, running around screaming and throwing balls at each other.  (I'm thinking that faces aren't recognizable here, so I'm posting it). 

Note that, out in the middle of the boys, there is a 3 1/2-year-old girl who is determined not to be left out.

The Cars cake maybe didn't work thematically with the sports party and paper goods.  But it definitely tasted good.

Happy Birthday Spencer!  You're smart and strong, you're a good big brother and a kind boy.  You are friends with every kid you encounter, and I hope you never ever have reason to lose your trust that the world will treat you kindly.

(Note: this ran through my head all day on Saturday. We want cake! Where's our cake?)


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