Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Break

Spring!!!!  Spring spring spring spring, spring!  SPRING!

Um, yes, as non-wintery as this winter was, I was way ready for the beautiful early spring.  I have no idea why I've always lived up north.

In March, everything started budding, and we spent hours and hours outside.

In the yard outside the twins' preschool, there is a meditation maze.  When we arrived there was a woman walking maze, deep in thought.  Not for long.  Sorry about that!  The kids tear through the maze, in and out, at top speed, occasionally stopping to ram into each other or throw small rocks.

Grandma and grandpa came out to go up with us to the Dells!  Lizzie carefully walked Grandpa all the way through the maze when he asked her to show him how it worked.

Before we went up to Wisconsin, lots of Sorry Spin.  Teddy learned to say "Sorry!" in an extremely sarcastic voice while rolling his eyes.  Um, thanks.

We had a lovely few days up north (well, north-er).  Ice cream at McD's on the road:

The restaurants in the Dells were extremely kid-friendly - at Buffalo Phil's the food gets delivered to your table by trains:

And the pizza is delivered by moose, for some reason:

And lots of water action:

And our hotel in the Dells (Great Wolf Lodge) had one section devoted to something called Magi-quest.  Spencer bought a wand, and performed quests by solving clues and collecting points - by the time we left, he had completed, I think, 6 quests?  And Grandma and Grandpa got the kids costumes: shields and wands for the boys, and a fairie princess outfit for Lizzie.  She is reasonably certain she'll be a fairy princess for Halloween.


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