Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fall 2011

It's been a challenging winter.  But it's time to catch up.  From last fall:

The twins started preschool!

Lots of soccer!  And we spent lots of time at parks, watching soccer games:

Pumpkin patch!  (Yes, poor Spencer had a black eye - he lost a fight with the coffee table.  It was a shame because the day was beautiful and I was hoping for Christmas card pictures!)

A visit to the Botanic Gardens:

And obviously playing in the backyard, and lots of biking/triking/scooting back and forth out in front of the house:

And Halloween - Aunt Sarah helped take a t-rex, a kitty, and Lightning McQueen trick-or-treating:

And on into November:

Hockey season!

And a trip to the Children's Museum on Navy Pier:

This just cracks me up:


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