Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Merry Merry Quite Contrary

Moving right along, in project "Catch Up and Start Posting Photos at Least Once a Month or So."

Festivity occurred!  You will trim the tree,  and you will have fun, Lizzie, or else!

My sweet girl's first haircut - not that she needs the frequent trims the boys get, but occasionally getting rid of split ends is good.  And now that we're having daily fights over brushing her hair, I'm thinking she may end up with something shorter.

My assistant chef - it's possible his favorite part of the process is wearing the hat and apron.  Or eating the cookies.

Um, not this batch.  These were sugar cookies.

And decorating:

Visiting Santa:

And a gingerbread house: Trader Joe's makes a lovely little kit.  The process of decorating it was fun and all, but  I'm still finding sprinkles in the kitchen.

Our household artist draws a pretty cool snowman:

And finally, Christmas morning.  This year's haul was pretty impressive:

No white Christmas - the whole winter was lacking in the white department (note: NOT complaining!) - but how many Christmas days in Chicago can you show off your bike skills to Grandparents?

And more of the visit with Aunt S and Uncle J, and Grandma and Grandpa (a couple pictures from their camera - thanks!)


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