Thursday, January 08, 2009

Merry Merry

Well into January already! Oh well. Holiday photos:

Me and babies:

Lizzie in the Bumpo seat:


The Christmas morning haul:

Aunt S and Uncle J came over to enjoy Christmas brunch with us - sweaters she made! Lizzie is in yellow with the ruffle, and Teddy is in the green:

Daddy with the two:

Nanna and Papa came for the week after Christmas - Nanna with Lizzie:

And Lizzie, in a sweater knit by grandma:

Teddy in his matching sweater:

Teddy has started looking at the camera, the same way I remember Spencer being fascinated by it. It's convenient for photo purposes:

Poppa and Daddy took Spence out to the Bass Pro Shop in Indiana - lots of fun:

Plus, then they ate lunch at a Nascar-themed restaurant:

Nanna & Poppa & the twins:

And me with all 3!

And Daddy with Lizzie:


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