Saturday, October 25, 2008

1 Month

One month has passed, and we're getting ready to celebrate the twins' due date on Tuesday, October 28! They're definitely biggish for newborns - from their appointment on their 1 month birthday:

Teddy - 7 pounds, 2 ounces (up from 5 pounds even at birth)
Lizzie - 7 pounds, 10 ounces (up from 6 pounds 2 ounces)

They're both making eye contact, and have occasional bursts of quiet observation time. We are eagerly looking for smiles (Lizzie seems close) and for the holy grail of early parenthood: sleeping "through the night" (well, for 5 hours or so anyway.) Nursing seems to be going fairly well, though they both have bottles at night, because it seems like they both sleep for longer periods if I fill their little bellies to the point that they can't help but collapse into sleep, at least for a while.


Spencer with Uncle J, and with Grandpa, at the pub at the end of the block:

Teddy, Grandpa, and Spencer:

Grandma, Lizzie, and Spencer:

Aunt S with the twins:

And Grandma with the twins:

Sleeping in the bassinet in the living room:

Spencer shows his sister how the bouncy seats work:

Teddy wonders: just who is that person?

Cozy sleeping (Lizzie on the left):

First emergency room visit! Spence took on an opponent (the slide, I'm told) who defeated him, to the tune of three stitches. The cut didn't bother him much at all. The stitches, on the other hand, were clearly the most devastating thing to happen to anyone, ever.

Daddy with twins:

A racecar driver gets ready for Halloween:

Once you get the pillows in place, it's much easier to nurse two babies simultaneously than to bottle feed them. But, um, no pictures.

They're snuggly little critters - Lizzie on the left:


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