Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Edward ("Teddy") Harrison - 9/21/08, 6:37am - 5 pounds 0 ounces
Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Linda - 9/21/08, 6:38am - 6 ponds 2 ounces

Everyone is home and in good health, after a few extra days in the hospital. Photos below are in no particular order. But if I don't start posting soon I'll be 6 months behind again!

Teddy in the NICU:

Lizzie in the NICU:

Teddy, with the UV light for jaundice (a mild case):

Teddy, protesting life in general:

Spence, checking out the new little brother:

Teddy in his going-home outfit:

Lizzie getting ready to head home:

Poppa, at home with his two grandsons:

Uncle J, with Teddy:

Mommy and Teddy:


Lizzie, with Daddy, Spence, and Poppa:

Aunt S with Lizzie, and Mommy with Teddy:

Daddy and Teddy:

Nanna & Teddy:

Poppa with Lizzie & Nanna with Teddy:


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