Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Because these two are fall babies, I've missed seeing them exposed all the time the way Spencer was when he was born. We got a couple days of beautiful weather around the election a couple weeks ago, though, so I pulled out some onsies - aren't they lovely little toes?

Playtime on the floor:

One minute you're chatting away with your sister:

The next minute she starts slugging:

Sadly, right after I took this shot of Lizzie, I dropped the camera on her. No lasting harm, but the peaceful moment was definitely ruined.

As nursing has grown to occupy more and more time for the twins, Spencer and Daddy have had some good bonding time:

Mom's lap is the location of choice, for eating, sleeping, or playing:

Big brother:

Bundled up and ready to go to Target:

Hanging out:

Teddy sleeps more than his sister, right now at least, so I get less one-on-one awake non-nursing time with him:

In the kitchen, keeping Mom company:


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