Friday, May 22, 2009

4 Years Old!!!

Spencer is 4 years old, a bona fide big kid!

(Aside: does the word "bona fide" make anyone else think of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? With Holly Hunter repeatedly describing her new fiancé as bonified? Just me? Ok, then.)

We had a glorious cake from Aunt S (I had already purchased the Wall-E candle when he announced that he wanted a train cake), and a multitude of presents. The crowning glory of which has to be the Mack truck with the interior set up for Lightning McQueen to dance, get a car wash, and play video games.

(But also several presents that didn't feature licensed characters at all! Really! He even asked me to read him a non-Pixar-themed book last night!)

The celebratory birthday week has had several other notable events - Grandma and Grandpa are visiting, and we all had a lovely time out at Kiddieland. We hear they're closing, which is sad - though not so surprising, given that the rides were at most half full on a glorious Sunday afternoon in May.

And, we had a rematch with his nemesis from last fall, the slide. Well, this time it was a different slide, and he tripped and fell on the stair, rather than going down the slide head-first. But the result was the same: another 3 stitches at the ER (different part of the face, at least.)

Before (with the numbing medicine and a clear bandage on it):

After, with the therapeutic purple Popsicle:

It must absolutely be said that this almost-4-year-old was a little scared, but lay perfectly still and answered questions about his coming birthday (in a tiny brave voice), and earned every one of the little prizes the staff gave him (stickers! popsicle! a car! A big bubble wand!)

And I'm kind of hoping that that's the last ER visit for a while.

Finally, we had a silly face contest last week - Spencer won that one, at least! (I'm pretty sure finger placement in the last picture is accidental.)


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