Friday, March 17, 2006

Gradual change

A few small developments:

- SA lets go of things and stands for a few seconds quite regularly.

- He used a plastic stacking cup in the bath this evening to give himself a gulp of bathwater - I was torn between being proud (Look! He's using a cup!) and disgusted.

- He falls asleep easily at night, but he still wakes up for a bottle. Most the time that's ok, but this last week he was trying to transition into 2 bottles, at midnight and 4am. That does not work for me. Thankfully, that seems to have been a short-lived phase (knock on wood.)

- RB bought him a baseball last week, and we all practiced rolling the ball to one another. SA seemed to catch on, trying to roll the ball after gnawing on it for a while.

- Finally, SA looks to me like he's getting chubby again recently - I find myself wanting to poke him in the belly. It's a shame that potbellies don't look as good on the rest of us as they do on babies.


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