Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well, the first (mildly) serious childhood illness is out of the way. We spent last week miserable - the streptococcus bacteria had its evil way with us. SA had strep throat and impetigo (face sores caused by the strep bacteria), I had scarlet fever (strep plus a freaky rash), and RB got off with just a cold.

Thank you Alexander Fleming... antibiotics are wonderful, miraculous things. This stuff killed people a hundred years ago.

SA's definitely enjoying his exersaucer more now - you can see the remains of the impetigo sores on his face:

The little guy is kind of crawling now, though it doesn't look like a normal crawl. He really likes to get up on hands and feet and stick his butt in the air, and scoots around that way.

And yes, we're starting to baby-proof this weekend. In a room filled with plastic colorful toys, SA would clearly prefer to stick his tongue in the VCR.


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