Monday, January 23, 2006


The first two teeth (aren't they cute?) were easy. I remember the second one specifically - we were in the grocery store, and suddenly SA started yelling. He screamed for about 30 seconds, and then I noticed that the second tooth had shown up.

The third tooth hasn't been as fun. The poor little guy was grumpy and had trouble sleeping last Wednesday and Thursday nights, and all day Friday he had a fever. Apparently it's a subject of some debate whether teething can cause a fever, but for now it's my best theory - he didn't have any symptoms besides a fever and general crabbiness.

Saturday he was better, and yesterday and today he was his normal cheerful self. And the top right center tooth is definitely in. The left center one looks to be next - hopefully it won't be as tough.

In other news, every day is a new culinary experience around here. Biter biscuits are fine, but spaghetti with tomato sauce is suspect. And today, the CostCo frozen yogurt sundae with berries was a huge hit.


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