Sunday, March 12, 2006

All these teeth!

Teeth 6 and 7 have appeared, and I suspect number 8 is on the horizon. Teething isn't fun, I have to say. Well, the little guy sleeps reasonably well - he still wakes up for a bottle most nights, but as long as he goes back to sleep I don't mind - so it could be much worse.

And the toothy grins are awfully cute.

The dining room table is a perfect little room to explore, if you're 28 inches tall.

One new walking trick: SA likes to hold on to the piano bench or the stroller, and push them forward, while he walks behind like he's holding onto a walker. The stroller isn't very stable, though, so he usually ends up falling and running himself over.

This globe plays music when he rolls it around. He loves it. The song has been running through my head, night and morning, for the last few weeks.


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