Friday, December 30, 2005

Holiday Roundup

It was definitely a wonderful first Christmas, even if SA didn't really get the significance of the stocking and the tree and all the presents he got to open. He even went down for a nap right in the middle of present-opening. But he loved the wrapping paper and the tree and the cats, and tried to stay up all night partying with the adults.

Before we left for Montana, we gave him his main gift from his parents. Clearly SA is skeptical that his new Exersaucer is all that. He warmed up to it eventually, though I don't think it's as good for getting rid of excess energy as the Jumperoo is.

Here he is opening one of his 4,000 presents (not even counting the ones that Santa didn't wrap!)

Grandma found a high chair that looks like it's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius...

I worried how SA would do without his little inflatable tub... turns out he does just fine. And Grandma and Grandpa taught him to splash! Now if only I could get him to stop splashing occasionally.

After a busy day of celebrating, it's good to take a quiet moment and finally get some rest.


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