Wednesday, July 22, 2009

O Canada

Of course, we're good patriotic citizens of 2 countries. And Spencer and I, at least, are quite fond of blowing things to smithereens. Which made it a bit odd that we managed to spend Canada's national holiday home in Chicago, and the 4th up north of the border, with no fireworks either day.

However, Spencer and his Nana did manage to conjure up a patriotic cake:

And, before dinner, after grace, Spencer added the pledge of allegiance. Plus, after we watched the DC fireworks later that night, he exuberantly announced "Those were the best fireworks I've seen in years!" Always good to have your 4-year-old getting nostalgic about years past.

Lots of baseball. Teddy and Lizzie are getting to the point where they really want to play ball.

Of course, mostly they just sit on Mom's lap and cheer on their big brother.

Plus: the cottage! Every minute not spent fishing is clearly a waste of time.

The morning I made it out on the boat with the guys, Spencer caught 12 fish! Of course, Poppa put the worm on the hook, and cast, and unhooked the fish. But Spencer reeled like a pro, and once he held a fish, until it flopped out of his hand!

And the kiddios pretty much played and charmed their way back and forth across southern Ontario.

Spencer had a quick ride in Uncle R's ATV: (um, not Teddy. This pose was just for photo purposes!)

Out at the campfire, before bed. The bug spray was extremely important.

Woah, who is that?

And the tradition of wearing funny hats in Ontario continues:


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