Saturday, August 09, 2008

California, Here We Come

On to June! We spent about 9 days, about half in Anaheim and half in San Diego. Some bits were lovely - we managed to see some friends in Riverside and SA had lots of fun running around with their daughter.

We swam in the hotel pool:

We saw Anaheim play the Blue Jays (note the confused team allegiance):

And we wandered the hallowed sidewalks of Disneyland:

One of SA's favorite bits: as the hotel shuttle bus pulled up to the Disneyland entry, and other kids were excitedly pointing out the Matterhorn, Sleeping Beauty's castle, and the like, SA was delighted to find Green Cones! Yay! for green cones.

The next day we went next door, to Disney's California Adventure - I hear the plan is to change the theme more and more to the various Pixar movies. Which is just fine with us.

Unfortunately, halfway through the day, SA started complaining about a tummyache. We stubbornly made him eat his lunch and took him back to the hotel to nap it off. When he woke up, it became clear that the tummyache was just the beginning - he had the sort of bug that made leaving the hotel for any time at all a bad, bad idea.

We spent the next 4 days in San Diego mostly doing this:

By the day before departure, things were looking better - we made it to the zoo for a good hour before it became clear that we should go back to the hotel. Turtles!

And we had an excellent 10 minutes at a lovely La Jolla beach:

We did manage to find a several-hour interval where SA perked up enough to go visit some friends - but all in all, we'd like to go back and visit CA when we're not rushing back to the bathroom for another change of outfit every half hour.


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