Monday, May 29, 2006

Not a Baby

So, a year ago I had a tiny boy (only 7 pounds) who wanted to spend all his time curled up on my lap sleeping and eating, often simultaneously. Now SA is a toddler, a 23 pound, 5 ounce guy. Developments:

- He wanders around the house, chases the cats, opens and shuts cupboards. Today he opened the spice cupboard and tossed the contents onto the floor. If we're missing anything, I'll have to look under the refrigerator.

- He's eating little bits of pretty much everything now. Today at lunch, he tried some whole wheat baguette, some turkey and cheese panini, and some lettuce. He spit out the lettuce with the easy-to-interpret "this must not touch my tongue ever again" look.

- He has moved to sippy cups. He didn't like bottles much anyhow. He can still do his favorite maneuver: fill mouth with liquid, then let it dribble out onto clothes/furniture/floor/parent.

- Right after SA's first birthday, he had a day where he walked a little further each time he tried. We counted 3 steps, then 6, then 8, then 9 before he fell or reached something to grab. After 10 steps, it was like he suddenly figured it all out. Now, a week later, he walks more than he crawls.

- Lots of babble, but I haven't noticed recognizable words yet. No time! Too busy! Those spices aren't going to throw themselves on the floor, you know.


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