Saturday, August 02, 2008

Apparently Time Flies

Hm... Interesting. Apparently the last set of photos I posted were from Christmas which, according to the handy calendar function on my computer, was over 7 months ago. Who knew time went that fast?

So, turning back the clock to January, when Chicago was cold and unpleasant, we had a lovely weekend in Safety Harbor, Florida, on the west shore of Tampa Bay.

The weather could have cooperated just a bit more - we only went to the beach one time, and it wasn't quite swimsuit weather:

We did make it to the pool once or twice:

And we did make it over to Orlando to see some Rodents of Unusual Size, and various associated attractions.

Naturally young SA was eager to drive his first racecar:

Plus, at 36 inches, he was just big enough to get on a Goofy-themed roller-coaster:

Some of the weekend was misty and rainy, but that didn't stop us from exploring some of the local parks, one in swampland, and one on the bay:

All in all, a lovely weekend.


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