Friday, July 20, 2007

Summer's half done already?

Woah, that was two months that flew by...

Golfing, anyone? Actually, SA likes the golf cart, and he likes the clubs and the balls, but rarely uses them together.

We're into summer proper when it's time to run through the sprinkler.

We're all about the climbing... this little ladder gives me a bit of a heart attack, but SA just goes up and slides down like it's no big deal.

Finally, a visit to Montana: a scooter is just ok if you have to push it yourself, but if you can get Grandpa to push it for you, it's great!

Helping with the morning errands: feeding the birds and brushing the cats:

Plus, some raking!

Huh... so there's this big area out in back of the house that isn't part of a park? A "yard" you call it? With a swimming pool?

Finally, SA shares one of his prized posessions with the cat. You can barely see Lightning McQueen in his hand - his current obsession is all things Cars (both the movie and the vehicles).

Sample conversation (monologue, really, though he stops from time to time for me to repeat key phrases) from the little guy:

Red car, blue car! Race car fast! Oh no, blue car broken. Red car help blue car, blue car broken.

Tow truck help red car, red car broken. Tow truck, red truck "Rrrrrrr", tractor down! Moooo! Hahahaha! (if you've seen the movie, this is clearly hilarious.)

Other important topics:

"Yellow shoes on, yellow shoes off"

"We will, we will, rock you!" (I'm correcting pronunciation - "Rock You" actually comes out "Rock-ki-ki" here for some reason.)


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