Monday, April 16, 2007


Random notes from the last month or so...

- So many words! All the usual suspects, plus things he has picked up randomly: "up-a-down" for upside down, "ji-tar" for guitar. He a nominally polite child, says "peas", "kinku" and "scuzi" (Of course "scuzi" doesn't seem totally sincere when he's repeatedly running into your leg with a trike).

- He has been counting things quite a bit, and has somehow made the mental leap that if one has multiple examples of one item, one should count them. He makes it up to 10 occasionally, but usually skips 3 or 5 or both.

- One morning last week, I was getting some milk ready for SA - when (ahem) I passed gas, audibly. SA said "Mommy poo?" I was torn - he's making impressive connections! He's recognizing his own bodily functions, and extrapolating to other people! He might be potty trained sometime in the next decade or so! But...... I don't really want him thinking that everyone is going around with a diaper on. He walked around me and started poking at my backside, until I produced a distraction in the form of oatmeal.

- We watched parts of "Cars" over the course of the day today. He's pretty sure it's the best movie ever, especially the races.

- It's a challenging thing to find a pair of high heels in our house. SA managed it and then walked around in them for 20 seconds or so this morning before toppling. Plus, he correctly identified them as "Mama shoe!" How on earth does he know? I last wore them Labor Day weekend of 2005, so I don't think he remembers. Maybe he can just tell from the size that they're not Dada's shoes, and I'm the only other option?

- We say "Bye-bye" to everything now - when we left the park this afternoon, we spent an extra 5 minutes saying "Bye-bye, swing! Bye-bye, slide! Bye-bye, tree!"

A new tricycle - SA can't quite pedal, but he pushes himself forward pretty fast:

April showers bring SPLASH!

Time for spring training!

Finally, we've been sprung! We're back at the park regularly now - if anyone puts on a coat, SA whines for a coat too, and has a fit if he has to stay inside.

Finally - we've started to work on the hitting, above, with an improvised tee-ball. Below, we're working on the pitching... (and more videos on youtube under bucktownrecord, for those who are into that sort of thing...)


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