Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Year, New Hobby

Climbing is the new thing. Plus, when the stairway is blocked, what else is he supposed to do?

And new favorite shoes! They're shaped like the Wiggles' Big Red Car, and look enormously silly.

(I don't mean to feature the staircase, just a coincidence.)

The last two weeks have been one impressive vocabulary-building session. A new partial dictionary:

- Shoe - Any shoe, but especially ones that are big and red and have wheels.

- Haa - Anything that can be put on the head. A hat, a shoe, a sippy cup.

- Ow - A bird that says "Who?"

- Taw - A shape with 5 points - often seen in the sky or the ocean.

- Puh-puh - A color. Looks blue to me.

- Nana - SA's first food word! He looked with disgust at a chicken noodle dish I offered this evening, pointed to the fruit bowl and said "Nana!" So I gave him one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure SA is not associating fruit with his grandmother, but that was my first thought!
Not sure if you'll see this...Eudora ate my address book, so would you send me an e-mail? sterling AT post DOT harvard DOT edu. Many thanks!

11:50 AM  

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